A Little Facebook Creeping

Have you been wondering how to reach more members and potential members with your credit union’s Facebook page? One way you can pause a Facebook scroller and entice them to take a closer look is to speak to them directly about how your credit union can help solve a current need in their life.

Is your credit union planning a specific loan promotion? Don’t just promote the special rates and terms. Telling consumers what these loans can be used for brings the idea of a new loan or a refinance directly to their problem-solving center.

Did your credit union save a member big money by refinancing a loan held elsewhere? Seeing those money-saving stories will certainly present your credit union in a very positive light, plus consumers will naturally wonder if you could do this for them as well!

Is your credit union helping your community by holding fundraisers, making donations, or volunteering? Don’t hesitate to let your members know through social media.

Finally, the first thing people notice will be the image you use. Never underestimate the power of an eye-catching, feeling-inducing, or humorous photo used in conjunction with your message.

Below are a few posts we noticed from credit unions that are already using these strategies!


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