Legislative Update with Kayla Pulvermacher
by Kayla Pulvermacher
State Legislative Director

It’s Only Day 10?

As hard as it is to believe, as of today, we have reached Legislative Day 10 of the 2021 North Dakota Legislative Assembly.

So why is that?

In order to fully utilize their time under the ever-looming threat of COVID-19, the Assembly has not been gaveling in every day and instead have taken several days to get through bill hearings. This should help them get a substantial amount of work done and help thwart the possibility of getting behind in case of a COVID breakout.

Liens, Liens, Liens

I may be new to lobbying for the credit union industry, but in my tenure as a lobbyist, I don’t remember ever seeing so many bills dealing with liens and lienholders. As of this morning, a simple search of legislation introduced so far revealed at least six bills dealing directly with the issue.

And, the term “super lien” has now been added to my daily vocabulary.

Credit unions see their responsibility of protecting the credit union’s and member’s security interest in collateral pledged for loans as serious business. In addition, while we certainly understand other interests advocating for super liens for themselves, giving priority to some lienholders over others hinders our ability to offer reasonable financing to our member owners.  Dakota Credit Union Association will continue to advocate for fair and reasonable legislation that benefits our members and the services we offer them.

Call to Action Coming

Friday afternoon, a repairman lien bill was introduced. HB 1366 allows the repair shop to charge storage fees and transportation costs, on top of any repairs, to their lien against a vehicle or equipment. This bill is particularly troubling because on top of the repairman lien having priority over other lienholders, those storage and transportation fees are not capped and instead are to be “reasonable.” We’ll have more information on the bill next week.

A bill like this makes response from the “grassroots” essential. We are lucky to have so many members that care about their credit unions and hope to see them prosper. So, in addition to the hard work from your lobbyists, having each and every one of you get in touch with your legislators will ensure we defeat this detrimental legislation. Stay tuned next week as we launch our advocacy campaign against HB 1366.

If you have questions or comments about our ND advocacy efforts, feel free to contact me


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