Legislative Update
by Jay Kruse
Chief Advocacy Officer

Good Morning,

Debate on S. 2155 picked up again last evening and will continue today on the floor of the U.S. Senate. The consideration of the bill has been very fluid from the end of last week through Monday, with the Senate cloture vote on the Crapo Amendment passing 66-30, Monday. The deadline for amendments has passed and any further amendments filed will need unanimous consent instead of the previously required 60 votes.

We currently expect a vote on cloture of S.2155 sometime Wednesday morning, with final passage occurring Thursday afternoon/evening. CUNA and The Leagues will continue to engage in our aggressive grassroots advocacy as the Senate moves closer to final passage.

93rd South Dakota Legislative Session Winds Down

South Dakota’s 93rd Legislative Session hasn’t officially come to a close, but the time is winding down as legislators returned home on Friday for a two-week recess. Following the extended recess both bodies will reconvene for one more day on March 26th, which is reserved for consideration of gubernatorial vetoes and also called “veto day.”

There were approximately 535 bills introduced in the 2018 Legislative Session, broken down to 320 in the House and 215 in the Senate. Somewhere north of 180 bills have already been signed into law so far, with many more sitting on Governor Daugaard’s desk awaiting his signature or veto.

Your South Dakota Government Affairs Committee (SD GAC) was very busy during session this year holding weekly committee legislative briefings and tracking multiple bills. The committee monitored and tracked 15 pieces of legislation affecting credit unions or the financial services industry between both chambers, with CUAD representatives testifying on one bill, HB 1287. This bill, which CUAD was strongly backing, would have amended current South Dakota statutes to allow associations, such as CUAD, to establish and offer Self-Funded Association Health Trusts to our members. HB 1287 followed a less common path through the legislature having been “Smoked Out” of the House committee, before eventually barely failing on the House floor by a final vote of 34-32.

Here is a full list of the bills tracked by the SD GAC and their final outcome:

  1. HB 1032 - Exempt credit unions from the requirements to be licensed as real estate brokers
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  2. HB 1078 - Revise certain provisions regarding the removal of security freezes.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  3. HB 1082 - Revise certain provisions regarding licensure for the lending of money.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  4. HB 1094 - Revise certain provisions regarding limitations on licensees engaged in the business of making loans.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  5. HB 1115 - Revise certain provisions regarding crop liens.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  6. HB 1127 - Revise certain provisions relating to fees charged for security freezes.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  7. HB 1287 - Revise certain provisions regarding multiple employer trusts.
    • Failed in House 34-32
  8. HB 1301 - Provide for the establishment of property assessed clean energy programs.
    • Failed in House Committee - Deferred to the 41st Day
  9. SB 42 - Revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of a motor vehicle title.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  10. SB 62 - Provide for the notification related to a breach of certain data and to provide a penalty therefor.
    • Passed and Awaiting Governor’s Signature
  11. SB 114 - Revise certain provisions regarding the removal and storage of abandoned vehicles.
    • Passed and Awaiting Governor’s Signature
  12. SB 120 - Require a minimum amount of paid sick leave for employees.
    • Failed Senate Committee – Deferred to 41st Day
  13. SB 121 - Prohibit employers from obtaining, seeking, or using certain prior salary information.
    • Failed Senate Committee – Deferred to 41st Day
  14. SB 154 - Revise certain provisions concerning the transfer of motor vehicle titles to satisfy unpaid motor vehicle repair bills.
    • Passed and Signed by Governor
  15. SB 184 - Authorize the operation of business development banks.
    • Withdrawn at Request of Prime Sponsor

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding these or any other advocacy issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a great week!


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