by CUAD Staff

Last week, CUAD notified members that the Huron Police Department had issued a warning to businesses in the Huron area following reports of counterfeit $100 bills being passed in town at local businesses. In part, the advisory said, “Please be extra careful when taking any $100 bills at this time.”

Over the weekend, CUAD was notified that counterfeit $20s have now been appearing in the Hettinger, ND area as well. You can see the public notification from the Adams County Sheriff's Department here

Any businesses that encounter possible counterfeit bill should contact the local police department immediately. The best way to determine whether a note is genuine is to rely on the security features, such as the watermark and security thread. Counterfeit detection pens are not always accurate and may give you false results. To learn about these and other security features in genuine Federal Reserve notes, visit the U.S. Currency Education Program website.



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