Compliance Update with Amy K
by Amy Kleinschmit
Chief Compliance Officer

Complaint Management Webinar. The Federal Reserve will be hosting an Outlook Live Webinar on August 29, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. central time regarding “Complaints as a Supervisory and Risk Management Tool.”

This presentation will summarize what an effective complaints management system looks like. Speakers will explore a complaints management model that incorporates current agency guidance and that is scalable for community banks. Following the presentation will be an opportunity for Q&A. Consider sending in questions via email in advance of the event to facilitate the Q&A segment.

Please click on this URL or copy and paste it into your browser to register for this webinar:


CUAD Compliance Network. You don’t have to be a compliance geek to be part of the CUAD Compliance Network – anyone with a “compliancy” question can post it for your peers across North and South Dakota to weigh in on.

As announced earlier this spring, CUNA and CUAD are excited to bring the Dakotas an expansion of CUNA’s Compliance Community that includes new league-level compliance communities! Developed to help credit unions navigate state-specific compliance issues. These new communities will provide additional compliance resources and make networking and collaborating with your local peers more efficient.

Many times I receive questions inquiring about what other credit unions are doing in the Dakotas regarding a particular operation or situation. This is a great platform for Dakota credit unions to bounce questions off one another immediately. There is always great conversation among credit unions at conferences and roundtables, this is just an opportunity to continue that conversation when we aren’t able to come together face-to-face. I strongly encourage you to join if you work with compliance at your credit union.

Learn how to navigate through the compliance communities by watching this brief tutorial. If you are an experienced CUNA Compliance Community user, the “Navigation Tips” document for quick reference can be found on our website here.

We hope you take the time to explore this valuable new compliance resource which is also conveniently linked on our website here.


Networking Opportunity. Speaking of networking in person…there is still time to register for the Credit Union Professionals Roundtable! This year we will be meeting in Aberdeen, SD, on August 29 and 30.

Each year credit union professionals from North and South Dakota gather to discuss and learn from each other on a variety of topics. This event is open to all credit union professionals – the only requirement is you must be willing to ask questions and engage in conversation with others.

We are looking forward to another great event this year with questions already being submitted!  Just a few of this year’s topics include: counterfeit money and fraudulent checks; Fifth Pillar - sample forms and suggestions for compliance; risk assessments; HR issues; loan promotions; death of a member; member driven ACH; and 2018 regulatory changes.

Register here for this year’s Credit Union Professional Roundtable.  We look forward to seeing you in Aberdeen!

Any questions or compliance concerns do not hesitate to contact Amy at:

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