Research Reveals Over 50% of Credit Union CEOs are Female
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

You may have seen the recent article from CUNA about the percentage of female CEOs at credit unions vs. banks. According to CUNA research, more than 52% of credit union CEOs are female. Compare that to 5% for commercial banks and 6% for Fortune 500 Company CEOs.

I found this statistic quite interesting, and I wondered, how do we compare to that statistic right here in the Dakotas? As it turns out, we are even above the national average for female CEOs.

Out of 73 credit union CEOs in North and South Dakota, 28 are men – and 45 are women! That equates to 62% women and 38% men. (Thank you to Karla Clark for doing the math for me.)

Why is this a credit union phenomena? Well, according to Jim Nussle, CUNA President/CEO, “The credit union system strongly values diversity and inclusion, and the credit union system lives up to these principles.”

It is interesting to note that CUNA research also revealed, while female CEOs are more common at smaller banks and credit unions, females are substantially more likely to rise to the role of CEO at credit unions than banks at EVERY asset level. Further, there is no evidence for a “gender pay gap” at credit unions or that males were paid more at similarly sized institutions.

If you want to see the entire CUNA article and analysis, you can find it here.



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