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Pee Wee Coordinator
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Pee Wee and Friends®

The Pee Wee and Friends® helps credit union kids learn about saving money and smart spending. This program is filled with financial literacy opportunities, as well as other fun activities for kids in kindergarten - sixth grade. Start making a difference with your young members and show them the smart ways to save with the Pee Wee and Friends® program. 

Pee Wee and Friends® will introduce young members at your credit union to smart saving, spending, and other financial tips. This program will help your young members to learn about the key principles of smart savings and the lifelong benefits of becoming a credit union member. The program can also help create an atmosphere for the younger members within the credit union, thus giving them the feeling of belonging (being a member), that they should feel when visiting the credit union. 

If you are interested in having the Pee Wee and Friends® at your credit union, or to subscribe to the Pee Wee and Friends® website please contact Debbie Kruckenberg.

Meet the Characters

Pee Wee loves drawing and camping. He’s got a head for numbers, and enjoys helping penguins and people learn about money. He’s full of ideas for saving and making money, but sometimes he can’t resist splurging on a new comic book or fish milkshake. He wants to be the first penguin astronaut when he grows up, but he’s afraid of heights. He might become a math teacher instead.
Kiwi likes playing snow soccer, reading, and dancing to the latest music. Kiwi might be a little bossy sometimes, but she watches out for her friends Pee Wee and Sheldon and tries to keep them out of trouble. Kiwi dreams of playing soccer in the Olympics one day. She also wants to be a famous writer, so Pee Wee is helping her learn how to save up money for college.
Sheldon might be little, but he’s really smart. Sheldon is always taking things apart and experimenting, but sometimes his contraptions and experiments get him into trouble. He wants to become a scientist and help save the environment. Pee Wee is helping Sheldon save up for his first chemistry set.