Chapter Pints & Politics 2020

The 2020 election is right around the corner, and credit union advocates and volunteers need to be properly prepared and engaged.

Once again, the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) will work with your chapter in scheduling and facilitating your legislative/candidate event next fall. We are re-booting our program and format and kindly ask all chapters to refer to this event as Chapter Pints and Politics 2020 (previously known as the Chapter Legislative Night Program).



Please select a date from the list below. These will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once you have a date selected, please confirm with Debbie Kruckenberg. If none of the remaining dates shown work for you, it is possible we can conduct an event in North Dakota and South Dakota on the same night. Please contact Debbie Kruckenberg with questions.

  • August 11
  • August 13 – Reserved for Missouri Valley Chapter
  • August 25 – Reserved for Golden Pheasant Chapter
  • September 1 – Reserved for Maurie C. Byrne Chapter
  • September 3 - Rapid City Area 
  • September 8 – Reserved for Credit Unions United Chapter
  • September 10 – Reserved for North Central Chapter
  • September 22 – Reserved for Central Chapter
  • September 24 – Reserved for Red River Chapter
  • September 29 - James Valley Chapter 
  • October 1 – Reserved for SE605 Chapter
  • October 1 – Reserved for Dickinson Area 

Chapters will also need to secure a venue that is somewhat casual. We suggest a local brewery with meeting space; local club or restaurant with bar services and space; or clubs such as AMVETS, Elks Lodge, etc. A last resort would be a hotel with a less formal set up along with a cash bar. If you need help securing a venue, let us know – we can help!

Keep food simple, such as heavy hors d’oeuvres, bar food or snacks, or a simple quick buffet that would be open prior to the program start time. CUAD will pay or reimburse chapters for any food and/or beverage costs for candidates/legislators.



To increase attendance by credit union advocates, legislators, and candidates, CUAD is asking chapters to host and promote a Credit Union Pints and Politics chapter event. These highly successful events are credit union specific and bring our advocacy and grassroots efforts to the chapter level. The program is skillfully designed to bring credit union professionals and advocates, as well as state (and sometimes federal) representatives and candidates together for an informal evening of credit union education and advocacy awareness. More importantly, this type of event has achieved measurable results over the last decade.

Legislators and candidates’ invitations:
CUAD will contact and invite all candidates to these events. Chapters only need to get their members and volunteers there to fill the room!

CUAD will develop, facilitate, and keep each event on schedule. The purpose of these events is to educate legislators and candidates on the credit union difference and to tee up any legislative agenda items for the upcoming legislative session. The program format will be one hour or less. Each chapter event should start promptly at 6 or 6:30 with socials scheduled to begin 30 minutes prior. Because CUAD will facilitate the legislative portion of the evening, any chapter business should be conducted after the political program has completed and candidates have left. Because candidates are busy that time of year focusing on meeting constituents in their respective districts, we are attempting to make this as convenient as possible for them.


Contact Debbie Kruckenberg today with questions or to reserve a Chapter Pints & Politics date or 701-250-3924.