Staff, Member Awareness & Response Training (SMART Training)

The objective of the SMART program is to cultivate a more pro-credit union relationship with our lawmakers, local community leaders, the media; and more importantly, with our staff, volunteers and members. We need to effectively promote the credit union difference to our members, the general public, the media, and especially to our local lawmakers and community leaders.

SMART is CUAD's education and awareness program that is a credit union specific “Boot Camp and Spokesperson Training” workshop, exclusively designed and offered for credit union leaders, management, and your in-house training and public relations staff.  This program is designed to “train the trainers” to articulate and carry the credit union message to staff, volunteers, members, lawmakers and local community leaders. This workshop is specifically designed to help our members to master the credit union difference talking points and messaging techniques; to accurately respond to the taxation arguments and combat negative assumptions of Credit Unions, while positively promoting and understanding the benefits of credit unions.

This specialized training will be designed and presented by CUAD leadership in an effort to teach, educate and train our members’ leadership teams and give them the confidence to be successful advocates externally and internally within their respective credit unions and communities. This training is free to our members.

If you have any questions about this training  contact Jay Kruse 
at 800.279.6328, ext. 928